The “truthiness” is out! The two comedians are apparently being dragged into the copyright fight between their employer and Google. Entertainment conglomerate Viacom, the company behind Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Google last year, alleging that Google and YouTube encourages users to pirate copyright material. Now Google wants to depose Stewart and Colbert on their behalf. There’s a lot of legal wrangling (of course) and who knows if it’ll happen or if we’ll get to hear about it, but that’d be one legal proceeding I’d like to sit in on! The online video industry is wrestling with copyright issues much in the same way the music industry wrestled with this issue with Napster and file-sharing. Lots of different opinions, lots of different approaches, no clear idea on how any of this will shake out, which is one reason why people are watching this high-profile case so closely.

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