So here’s the story: YouTube exploded and made all the t.v. and movie execs nervous. All their content was being distributed for free and worse, they weren’t getting their cut. So NBC and FOX decided to fight back with their own streaming video site called Hulu with super-premium content — all free (sort of; you have to watch some ads) — and like everything online, it’s on-demand. (Take that, Comcast!)

So now my husband and I can go back and watch those first few episodes of “Chuck” that we missed (and that I have not been able to find on YouTube). Fans of “The Office” can stream to their heart’s content.

But Hulu isn’t content to stream only t.v. shows. You’ll also find movies from Sony and MGM, sports highlights, classic games and more. And if you like what you see, you can embed the clips on your own site (just like YouTube) and share with your friends.

Testing Over, to Open Its TV and Film Offerings This Week – New York Times