I’ve been laughing so hard at the cakes on this site that I literally have mascara running down my face and my husband is beginning to question my sanity (something he should have done a long time ago). This blogger posts pictures of cakes gone wrong, then writes hilarious posts about each. I read about it on another blog, but it sounded kind of lame so I ignored it. Then I read about it on another blog, only this blogger posted pictures, and before I knew it, I was hooked. Soooo funny!

It’s not just the pictures — although many of them are pretty hilarious on their own — it’s what she writes. To wit, here’s her explanation of the carrot baby cake above:

This cake is so disturbing, I’m almost glad the picture doesn’t include the whole thing. The plastic clone babies wearing naught but mohawks is bad enough, but then they’re also riding carrots. What do you do with that? It looks like some kind of perverted vegetable rodeo, or maybe a bizarre clone military exercise, what with their little plastic fists raised high in identical salutes.

And what kind of occasion calls for a “naked babies riding carrots” decor, anyway? No, wait, maybe I don’t want to know…

Some of the images are just plain disturbing. Note to the women planning my baby shower: do NOT get me a cake like this! (Or this, which was just too disturbing to post.)

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