If you answered “Google,” you are . . . wrong. It’s Facebook and has been for a while now. Facebook is becoming the digital on ramp: Not only is it a place to see what your friends and colleagues are doing, it’s often the entry point to interact with your favorite brands or stores. I know if I’m looking to see if there’s a sale at any of my favorite stores, I check out their Facebook page first. Facebook is likely to have the most recent, topical promotions, contests and sales. Plus, a lot of businesses run Facebook-only specials.

For those of us old enough to remember AOL and its original “walled off” web model, it’s uncanny how much Facebook is sort of succeeding at that. You don’t have to go through Facebook to access content (the way AOL tried to force you) but you certainly can and because businesses are making their Facebook pages so engaging, Facebook itself IS becoming that digital gateway. Fascinating stuff!

Here are the top ten sites as ranked by Experian Hitwise for the week ending 11/12/2011.

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