I’m a few days late to mention this but Twitter has grown from this thing used by only hard-core geeks to . . . well, I still don’t know how to describe Twitter but a WHOLE LOT of folks are using it now. 752 % growth last year? One million new users in December alone? Wow.

Remember I told you a few weeks ago about a passenger on the Denver plane that crashed tweeted about it? So Twitter breaks news. And you may have heard that the secret to getting anything done with Comcast is to complain about them on Twitter. So Twitter is a customer service/brand management tool. Is it? Or just a simple way to dispatch news of your day to your friends? (“Just watched American Idol. U watching? Did u see bikini girl?”)

Like many new media in the digital age, we don’t know yet what to call it, how to describe it, and how to use it for business. There are theories, certainly, but there isn’t much collective wisdom. Together, we are building a knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t and eventually, usage conventions for Twitter will form. Maybe more businesses will follow Comcast’s lead. In the meantime, if you want to follow us on Twitter, you can here: New Thought Marketing on Twitter. We’ll try to keep the conversation going!