Twittering away during the NTM Tweetorial

Yesterday, we conducted a Twitter Tutorial — what Vesatee dubbed a “Tweetorial” — at the Nirvana Cafe in Roswell, GA.  We had a full house and covered the basics of Twitter:  why you should do it, how to set up an account, get followers, do some research and use it for your business.

Well, it’s Friday and I didn’t tell my Tweetorial students that it’s “FollowFriday” on Twitter.  Every Friday, power users will tweet out the usernames of people they think are interesting and that others might follow.  If you’ve enjoyed someone’s tweets, and you recommend them to your followers, it’s another way to develop your relationship with the person you’re recommending.  And if you’re new to Twitter and looking for people to follow, you might want to follow some of those recommendations.

In the spirit of Follow Friday, I’ll be tweeting out the usernames of the folks who came to yesterday’s Tweetorial, asking my followers to help the newbies out.

To set up your own FollowFriday, simply add the hash tag #followfriday to your tweet, followed by the usernames you’re recommending.  Precede each username with the @ symbol.  Here’s an example:  #followfriday – some of my colleagues @terrijacobsen, @vesatee or my hubby: @dunrungill.

All right, go tweet and enjoy your weekend!