The mind of an Internet Marketing ProfessionalIs that like an IED?  Not exactly.  IMP, that’s an Internet Marketing Professional.  While we may be able to extract significant “damage” to a client’s competitor base, no road-side bombs are employed.

It was a sort of an epiphany that some people may not understand what an internet marketer actually does, and the mind through which we operate.  Here’s my answer:

Intelligent – Internet marketing professionals are intelligent.  We have to know what the current trends are in the market, what’s going to impact a targeted market, and what the new strategies and technologies are to make that impact.

Methodical – Believe it or not, there actually is a method to our madness.  While some people just throw out marketing efforts, hoping to make something work, Internet Marketing Professionals are armed with best practices, current market trends, and a plethora of analysis to make sure the efforts made on behalf of our clients are successful.

Poetic – Yes, poetic is a great description of an Internet Marketing Professional.  What we do can be compared to writing a great poem.  It may never end up in a classic literature textbook, but our goals are the same.  Poets and IMP’s are both driven by what will move someone.  In the case of Internet Marketing Professionals, we want to move someone to a specific action, and that is practical poetry (even if it doesn’t rhyme).

Have you taken the time to talk with an Internet Marketing Professional to discuss how to move your business forward?  If not, reach out, and let’s make something great happen for you!

Written by Josh Decker