“We were struggling to identify the causes of a downward trend in new customer growth and established customer retention for our OB/GYN medical group. New (non pregnant) patients appointments had decreased by almost 15%, and new pregnant patient appointments by almost 20%. We weren’t sure how to fix it, but we knew we needed help.

We retained New Thought Marketing (NTM) to help us create a new look for our web site. It turned into a more comprehensive engagement. NTM help us think strategically about how a web site could help our marketing efforts. (SEO was a new concept to us.) Getting on the first page of Google searches was now on our radar. They helped us think about marketing in a whole new light. We looked at our image (logo), our environment (office space), our customer appreciation efforts and our PR strategy. They also introduced us to social media as a powerful enhancement to a traditional marketing strategy.

We now have a new website, logo and image campaign—to include stationery and signage. We also have statistics to show we reversed the trend and are now growing the business again. We’re seeing record numbers of new patients and we’re retaining a higher percentage of them. We are consistently on the first page of Google searches. We are still novices, but we are getting better at blogging. We are on Facebook and we’re even experimenting on Twitter. All of this occurred with the capable assistance of New Thought Marketing.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to marketing (growing) your business, I highly recommend you consider using New Thought Marketing to help you craft your strategy.”

Paul Barry

Executive Director, Atlanta Women’s Specialists

“Sherean and the team at New Thought Marketing took the time to understand what drives our business and then got in the ‘think-tank’ with us and strategized. We were able to focus our message and communicate it in a very creative way.”

Bernadette DiMauro

Jones Lang LaSalle

“Sherean is amazing at breaking things down, getting to the heart of the matter, and leading people through processes to understand their business drivers and revenue sources. She has a great business mind, AND is fun to work with; she lights up the room with her smile and keen sense of intelligence and intuition. Her team worked with us to build an outstanding website in four days, meeting an insane deadline we had, and they never lost their cool.”

Laura Howard

President, Joyful Marketing

“I looked at a number of agencies but decided to work exclusively with New Thought Marketing because of their creativity and hands-on account management. For 2 years NTM has worked with us to establish a clear brand and maximize use of our resources in the most appropriate way. I have been particularly pleased with the way NTM challenges us to think differently, and as a result we are well positioned competitively with use of our website, social media and marketing materials. One of our most important campaigns is the Holiday mailer, and for 2 years NTM has created and implemented an eye-catching marketing campaign which resonates with our clients.”

Kristen Hirst

Senior Vice President, The North of England Inward Investment Agency

“I knew what I wanted to do with my business but really needed someone to help me sort it out and develop a plan of action. Your unique and enterprising method of getting to the bottom of things has helped me bring a sense of focus and organization to the way I conduct business. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Gary Himes

President, Ideal Incentive

“Though the project of creating a new website was daunting, Sherean’s team made the process understandable and smooth.The project required many meetings for the definition of all the company’s needs and wants for the site.

“Without the clear guidance and suggestions from Sherean and her team, I doubt we could have muddled through, and I am certain the end result would not have been as impressive as our site was upon completion.They made it almost painless.

“But the website was only one of the projects they worked on:Sherean’s team had to put together marketing and advertising plans for two properties and our corporate identity.They had very little time to do it in but they focused on the important activities first and put together a schedule to execute everything beautifully. I personally liked how involved Sherean was in our sales process; she mapped every marketing strategy back to our sales goals.”

CIndy Phillips

Sales Manager, Coldwell Banker

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for my company. Who would have known a year ago, while we were brainstorming for our positioning statement ‘the fastest way to place your policyholders, nationwide,’ that we actually would be the fastest. . . Not only do we place them fast but so far, we have increased our business over last year by an average of 327.67%. WOW! What a difference a year makes when you are steered in the right direction by the right people!!!”

Aaron Wilson

President, Temporary Accommodations

“I have hired Sherean and her team at New Thought for several projects over the years and I must say that they always deliver. Our most recent project involved a very short turnaround and involved strategy, conception, creative, and production. Everything was handled flawlessly and delivered on-time at substantially under budget. Best of all, the campaign generated immediate results that have significantly impacted our business. Sherean stays in the ‘high impact’ area of my rolodex and is the first person I call for all of my marketing needs.”

Chris Bell

CEO, PlanetJam

“As the owner of a one-year old growing business, I wear many hats. Those many hats tend to weigh down on me because with many hats come many ideas, many leads, many ‘what-ifs.’ As a result, I either do not properly follow through or just abandon an idea completely. Working with Sherean allowed me to release all of my ideas for growing and sustaining the business and regain a sense of purpose and most importantly, focus.

Sherean helped me better understand my leadership and working style so that I may be better able to communicate with my clients and now, new part-time staff! After a one-month session with New Thought Marketing, Equilibria reduced marketing expenses by 30%, focused on a different target audience and changed the way the company defined itself and its primary leadership.Sherean provided the fertilizer necessary for our company to grow.”

Alicia C. Butler

Owner, Equilibria