My sister teaches 2nd grade (and is a damn good teacher, I might add). I’ve watched her decorate her classroom and pay out of her own pocket (all teachers do) to purchase much-needed supplies and resources. Many years ago, I told her we should start something where businesses could adopt a school or classroom and donate some of our extra office supplies. Well, while I talked about it, some other folks actually did something about it. Teachers can go on this site and post details of a project they’d like to do with their class (but don’t have the funds for) and donors like you and me can fund it. I think it’s a kick-ass idea and another example of how the Internet enables folks to pool their resources and create more purchasing power.

Here’s the article from Springwise Newsletter that tipped me off.

Here’s the DonorsChoose site where you can go and donate. Spread the word to your teacher friends, too!