Most of us would like to be known for outstanding customer service, but we don’t spend much time thinking about the steps we can take to actually improve our level of customer care. And when we do, it’s often geared towards upgrading technology or other expensive systems. Sometimes, all you need is a warm, personal human touch. (And given the state of the economy, shoring up relationships with your customers is critical.)

To wit: recently, I discovered Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods. I’ve bought a number of items from different sellers and have experienced great customer service. (Much like ebay, customers rate the sellers.) But the service I received on my last purchase went even beyond good. This seller included a beautiful card with a personal note to me. She put two gourmet tea bags in the card (which had nothing whatsoever to do with the purchase; it was just a treat). She wrapped everything carefully. You could tell she did not just toss this in a FedEx box. Rather, she tied each item with a lovely string and a home made tag. The tag gave instructions for washing and care, and ended with this delightful note: “enjoy.”

So why am I telling you about an independent seller on Etsy? A shop with only 33 items? Because, if she can do it, so can you. When was the last time you hand wrote a thank you note to your clients? When was the last time you included a “surprise” treat or gift? Have you thought about how you package or present your goods or services?

What are you waiting for?