The concept behind social news sites such as Digg, Reddit and Newsvine is pretty simple: search and read the latest in news and happenings and share this content with your circle of friends, colleagues and (perhaps) admirers. But as information becomes increasingly customizable, democratized and instantaneous, these general sites may not feed your insatiable grown-up appetite for real news. Here’s a list of great niche social news sites that will undoubtedly fill you up:

Great social news site specifically for small-to-medium sized business companies

Social news site for marketers, entrepreneurs and business professionals

#1 Social news site for internet marketers, with a focus on search

Social news site focusing on current health news

A news site that focuses on technology, start-ups, business and entrepreneurship

Financial Social news service

Internet marketing Social news site that focuses on making money

Great Design social news site

Web design news and tips

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