I just read this blog entry on the Washington Post that linked me to this fabulous site with small business stats. You can look up your site and find out how many jobs SMB’s created and other small business facts. For example, small businesses were responsible for ALL of the net job gains in GA from 2004-2005.

I’ve read various statistics about job creation, but the one I see most often is that SMB’s employ 80% of the nation’s workforce. 80%! We need a larger voice in Washington — or at least one that’s commensurate with our awesome responsibility. We make up a huge part of the economy. We see the faces of our workers and go to sleep at night worrying about how we’ll keep sales up so they can keep their jobs. Our employees are not nameless, faceless numbers that get cut when times are tough. (I’m not saying that Fortune 500 companies shouldn’t make those cuts; just that it’s more personal when we do.)

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