I swear I feel like a broken record.  I remember creating a presentation 20 years ago (before PowerPoint) on why and how marketers ought to target women.  And every year, I read more research and articles on that very topic.  The stats change, but the conclusion is almost always the same:  ignore women at your peril.

Today’s addition to the target women research pile is from Nielsen.  Nielsen has released data on what it is terming PowerMoms.  You know, women like . . . well, like most of the women you know.  PowerMoms work (more than 78% work outside the home), they read blogs, they tweet, and oh yeah, they shop.  Online and off.  They tell others about their favorite purchases through their social networks — both online and off.

And women just want to be heard.  Smart husbands already know this.  Smart marketers are learning that they need to listen to what women want, engage them in a conversation and dialogue about their brand.  Talk with us, not at us.

Lots of great stats in this piece from Nielsen. As if you needed more convincing!