We previously blogged about how the new Pepsi logo reminded us of the Obama logo. What we didn’t know then is how much time and money went into their new design. This article links to the leaked creative brief for the logo design. It’s painful to read. Pompous and ridiculous and symbolic of what I hate about marketing. They are making way too much of this. A logo can’t do everything. And it certainly isn’t worth the lofty comparisons the agency makes.

Quote from the article:

The presentation, by the Arnell Group (also responsible for the botched design of the Tropicana orange juice carton) contains visual representations of and comparisons with the following: the golden ratio, the Mona Lisa, the Parthenon, the Gutenberg Bible, the earth and its magnetic fields, and the solar system/universe. None of these things have anything to do with soda.

Give me a break. Look, what we do is important, but it isn’t rocket science. Our job is to help you (our client) sell more of what you make. Generally, we don’t need to create the next Mona Lisa to do it.

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