My favorite printing company, is also a pretty smart company. I’ve worked with them for years because they provide great quality printing at affordable prices. (We’ve tried other online discount printers and have been greatly disappointed with the quality.) Turns out their CEO, Andrew Field, is a strong advocate for SMB’s (small and medium sized businessess). He is concerned with how the credit crunch is affecting us and how we are largely being ignored in the current recovery conversations. He has a simple plan to help. It’s not a bailout. The government actually makes money if we do. Given that we employ 80% of the nation’s workforce, it seems reasonable to me that we ought to at least be in the conversation.

SMB’s don’t have natural organizations. We tend to clump together in verticals related to our industry. There is no giant lobbying group representing us in Washington.

But look, we have the Internet and a whole host of word-of-mouth tools. I’m going to post a link to Andrew Field’s proposal here on my blog. Then I’m going to put the link on my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Read it. If you think the idea has merit, pass it along to your networks.

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