We’ve been looking for a great search engine specialist to add to our team for YEARS and we finally found one! It was important to me to find someone who understands that search is an important component of marketing – but still just one piece of an overall puzzle. Frankly, I met with a lot of people who detailed pages and pages of what they consider “basic” search engine optimization services. To me, it read like b.s. busy work. I wanted to understand what are the main activities that are going to get my clients 90% of the way there?

Josh gets it. Big time. He knows the basics very, very well. He knows the extra stuff if you have the time and budget, too.

Josh worked with a National Recruiting Network over the last two years, helping client offices achieve organic visibility through intense Search Engine Optimization campaigns.  Outside of working with recruiting firms, Josh has also worked to launch start-up websites and help them achieve organic rankings very quickly to build their businesses.

Josh gets search. I get that you have a budget. I think you’ll like our search engine packages: basic optimization services for just $600/month. E-mail me for details (sherean at newthoughtmarketing dot com). Set-up fees are affordable, too (just $250/page).

p.s. – He’s also a social media whiz and will work with Terri, Vesatee and Cara on social media projects as well. Bonus! (Actually, as you may have heard, social media’s an important piece of the search puzzle. So it’s a good thing he knows it.)