In an appeal to the coveted youth vote in the upcoming presidential elections, MySpace and MTV announced Thursday that they have joined forces for a series of “one-on-one dialogues” with all the major candidates from both political parties–televised and Webcast events in which presidential hopefuls will answer questions from MySpace members & MTV. This follows the YouTube televised debates and is just one of many online events and activities that we’ll be seeing in this election cycle. “Web 2.0” is about a two-way exchange of information and ideas; that’s what is at the core of the social networking and user-generated content phenomenon. Using the power of social networks, the web is broadening the political canvas. There will always be a place for knocking on doors, eating at diners, and touring the country in a bus. But today’s candidates have new tools that spread through individual’s online networks of family and friends and these tools are proving to be very powerful. Even if we haven’t all figured out how best to use them!

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