I was just telling a friend how I wish there was an easy way to create a digital baby book. I’ve grown so accustomed to creating digital photo books that I can’t quite grasp the notion of printing photos and writing in an old-fashioned baby book. Well, I can grasp the notion and like the idea of being a part of such a cool tradition, but it does seem to me that I could do so much more online, like store videos and share pictures and stories with our relatives. I had contemplated setting up my own secure social network on Ning but this site, Kidmondo, looks like a much better tool. It’s an online baby journal. Secure and password-protected, of course, so only those you invite can see all the precious moments of your little one.

As far as marketing trends go, the social networks are a buzz with all things mommy and baby. As we have blogged about before, women love to pass out referrals; in fact, we feel compelled to help businesses grow. As a marketer, if you can tap into that innate desire women have, then you hit the marketing jackpot. Mommy blogs are a great place to start. And I’ll bet the mommy bloggers are talking up tools like Kidmondo.

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