Have you tried Pandora yet? Pandora is an Internet music station that figures out what kind of music you like and serves you up more of it. They call it the music genome project. As I understand it, they analyze the rhythm, beats, instrumentation, etc., of artists you like and create radio stations for you of similarly styled music.

I have to say it works great. I love music by the Killers and so I set up a Killers station. The way Pandora works is when you click on one of your stations, it first plays a song by that artist. So I’m listening to a Killers song right now. But next, it might play something by Coldplay or Muse or Queen – and nine times out of ten, it’s a song I have on my iPod or wish I had. It’s a great way to have a mix tape without taking the time to put it together. And of course, you get introduced to some new songs and artists in the process.

You can set up as many artist stations as you like. They’ll serve up a quick ad every 5 or 6 songs or so. They also have their own created stations by genre. When we were in the mood for some Christmas music over the holidays, we just quickly surfed over to Pandora and played their holiday station.

They have great apps for your phone, too.

I honestly have no idea how they mapped my music genome (for real?) but somehow they got inside my musical head and nail it every time.