I finally got rid of my piece-of-crap Palm Pre (sorry, Palm, I really, really tried to like you) and am working it with the Samsung Epic 4G with Sprint. It’s one of the many Android phones out there and can I just say that I feel like I finally got out of that crappy relationship and found the man, er, phone of my dreams. This phone is amazing!

I love, love, love Swype, the nifty little finger-sliding tool that enables me to text almost as fast as I type, with no thumb strain. I’m texting like a teenager! The phone has a slide out keyboard which I never use. I’m still within the window to exchange the phone so I might get the Evo, which has no keyboard (and I assume is lighter).

In the iPhone vs. Android war, I have heard strong arguments on both sides. The iPhone still looks more sleek and sexy to me, but I’ll never switch to AT&T. Yes, I know you can finally get an iPhone on Verizon and if I were with Verizon, I would certainly check it out. But I actually like Sprint and have I mentioned I love my new phone?

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