Women are famous for their ability to talk up their favorite products and services. We often tell our clients that women don’t just like to talk about good experiences; they feel compelled to spread the word. If we have a great experience at a store, we can’t wait to get in our car and call our best friend and tell her about it.

There are agencies that are now hooking women up with product marketers in an attempt to get them to “buzz” about their goods. I am a member of one of them (BzzzAgent) and have sampled electric toothbrushes and moisturizers and organic milk as a result. All for free and if I like it, they give me coupons for friends to try it, too.

ABC News just did a piece on these viral marketing agencies, complete with links to some of the more popular services. Check them out if you’re interested in free stuff, or if you’re a marketer who wants to connect with some word-of-mouth marketing.
I Can Get Free Stuff? Do Tell…