He’s the master at marketing gimmicks that work. A client sent me http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2007/06/trade_show_tact.html on Seth Godin’s latest trick to get traction at a trade show. It involves t-shirts and a contest. Simple enough, right?

Reminds me of the best attention-getter I ever saw at a show. Many years ago, I was at a Broadcast and Promotions Executive conference. Lots of creative folks trying to get our attention. One exhibitor had a guy drawing sketches of — wait for it — our butts! Seriously. He was doing butt sketches. (I asked him to shave a few pounds off of mine.) You could not go down an aisle at that trade show without seeing someone showing off their “butt sketch.” This worked because it was t.v., and t.v. folks thought it was edgy.

What about you? Got any great ideas on ways to stand out at a trade show?