The makers of QuickBooks were looking for a fun way to increase trial usage of their software so they developed a tool for small businesses to create their own jingle: The Jingle Generator. This could be a nice little distraction on a Friday.

According to Marketing Profs, the Jingle Generator was promoted using a number of new media techniques, including:

  • Blogger outreach: Intuit contacted bloggers with whom it already had working relationships to share the campaign story.
  • Participation on forums and blogs: The company also joined in conversations on forums and blogs that relate to small-business issues, ’80s music, social marketing, etc. Company representatives aim to add value to the conversation when posting responses and do not solely promote the site.
  • Social-networking sites: The company posted a video on YouTube, and profile pages for Tommy Silk were established on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Participating Intuit team members help build awareness by adding Tommy as a friend or follower to their personal networks and “re-tweeting” Tommy’s posts.
  • Shared examples: Early in the campaign, employees were encouraged to create their own custom jingles on the site and forward them to friends and family members, especially small-business owners, who might have an interest in the software.

*Source:,How Intuit Used Viral Marketing and an Interactive Web Site to Generate Small-Business Leads, Engage Customers” (paid registration required)

The Jingle Generator from Intuit QuickBooks