Did you know that your business can have a fan page on Facebook?  It’s a great place to interact with your customers (or allow them to interact with one another), share exclusive content or deals, and continue developing those all-important relationships.  And lest you think Facebook is just for kids, think again.  70% of Facebook’s users are between 18 and 44.

Some well-known Facebook fan pages include:  Whole Foods, Victoria’s Secret, and Red Bull.  But it’s not just the big brands with a presence; small companies are setting up fan pages, too.  Look for inspiration at Zutano’s Facebook fan page. They do a great job of interacting with their fans, creating Facebook-only contests, and posting fun, behind-the-scenes photos of their staff.  Or check out Positive Parenting Solutions. They have useful tips and special offers.

We’ve been working on our Facebook fan page.  Please take a look and fan us!  We’re going to have a Facebook party on our fan page next Wednesday, July 1st.  Join us from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and win great prizes like Amazon gift cards.