Comcast has a reputation. Probably not the one they were hoping for, either. Among other social organizing functions that the web serves, the Internet allows consumers to pool their voices. One person shouting? Maybe Comcast can ignore that. Try thousands shouting all at once, loudly enough to get the attention of the press.

One blogger took the matter of Comcast’s poor service into his own hands and gave people an outlet to publish their own stories. I shared this article with my husband; to say that we have had issues with Comcast is a gross, gross, gross understatement. I lost count of service calls around Trip # 15. (The folks on the phone are very pleasant and as helpful as they can be but Comcast’s system does not allow them to do much.)

Good customer service has always mattered. Bad service can spread like a wildfire with today’s technology. Read more:

Comcast takes its whacks on service –