He’s been accused of felony assault for attacking his wife in December, 2009. His previous wife requested a restraining order after he threatened to kill her. He hires prostitutes (or “paid escorts”) and flaunts his drug and alcohol abuse. Can you imagine if Charlie Sheen worked at your company and did any of those things? I don’t care if he was our top producer, he would have been fired at any company I worked for, and I’ve worked for some that looked the other way a LOT. (OK, maybe WCW would have let him stay, but I digress.)

So what’s it take to get fired these days? Threaten a woman? Nah. That’s kid’s stuff. TALK BAD ABOUT YOUR BOSS? Oh no you didn’t. Apparently, that is the line in the sand that CBS and Warner Brothers drew.

The New York Times nails it here.