Trends in fashion, home decor, life . . . as marketers we pay attention to what’s “in” and work hard to cultivate the Next Big Thing. Some trends are just plain silly or clearly for the young (bubble skirts fit both categories in my opinion), and some trends are just plain cringe-inducing. Like the latest Bridezilla request. It seems that brides across the nation are requesting their bridesmaids get botox, spray-on tans, and all manner of cosmetic enhancements. Gone are the days when you bought your bridesmaids a dainty pair of earrings or politely requested they wear matching shoes.

Look, I’m not a Botoxer myself, but I have no problem with women who choose to go under the needle or the knife, if that’s their preference. I do have a problem asking others to do it on my behalf.

Besides, if you’re really worried about wrinkles in your photos, there are easier ways to camouflage that. Photoshop works wonders. And in my experience, the joy of marrying the man of my dreams put such a glow on my face that I doubt anyone noticed my wrinkles. Or at least, that’s what I’d like to believe! (That’s me in the photo, at 41, on my wedding day.)

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